Meetings and presentations are routine for many people in the business world. However looking for all the scattered material for making the presentation is not fun. It would be great if you could just carry all that stuff in one place. A place where you could keep your ideas as soon as they occur to you, and incorporate them into the presentation. Maybe an iPad (or an Android device) can help you make things easier.

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Increase Your Productivity

With some of these apps you have the ability to display your creation directly from the app to the screen. You can do this by buying cables available from the Apple store. You can also connect the app to cloud storage and share the files with your other devices. Saving time and effort in transferring your ideas to the screen.

Here are some of these apps:


Of course this is one of the best apps for presentations on the iPad. Keynote is part of Apple’s iWork suite. It is easy to use and has plenty of customization options. It also connects to iCloud. So, your presentations should be available on other Apple devices. Ready to present anytime.


Microsoft’s PowerPoint app has also made its mark on Apple’s iTunes app store. The PowerPoint app is fully featured and easy to use even on the iPad. PowerPoint gives you the option to share your presentations seamlessly with any Windows PC running Microsoft’s Office Suite or Office 365.


The Prezi app on iPhone lets you view and practice your presentation. You can store the presentation in the app and take it anywhere with you. The thing about Prezi presentations is that they are non-linear. So, moving from one part of the presentation to another is a lot easier when using touch gestures on an iPad than using a mouse and keyboard.


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