You might be wondering what a black slide is. Well, it is simply a null slide and it has nothing on it. What it means is that there is nothing on the screen for the audience to look at. This directs all the audience’s attention to you, the presenter. Using an empty slide in a proper way can really help you deliver an important message.

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Show A Black Slide When You Tell A Story

You might tell a story at the start of your presentation, or anywhere else it fits. When people see that all the text on the screen has been replaced with a black screen, they should instinctively look at the presenter. You can take the ball from there and really score some points. You have their undivided attention.

Use A Black Slide When Answering Questions

Question and Answer is another time when you should switch to the blank slide. You may also choose to do this if the answer to the question is not anywhere in the presentation. Otherwise, switch to a relevant slide instead.

Use A Black Slide When Moving Around

One creative use of a black slide is when moving in front of the projector screen. It really does look annoying when someone is trying to read something and the presenter walks in front of the projector screen.

How To Make A Black Slide?

It is simple really, all you need to do is draw a rectangle that covers the whole slide. Now, look for an option to fill color, and select black as the fill color for the rectangle. And there you go, one black slide ready to go. Its that easy.

You should be able to show this slide by pressing the dot (.) key on the keyboard. You can also plan when to show it in the presentation and put it between slides as needed.

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