Every time you try to learn something new, you’re making a resolution to improve. Today, I’d like to share five tips on making winning presentations.

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Always Plan Your Presentations

I know what you’re thinking. You’re gonna say that you don’t have time for planning presentations. You’re so busy that you have to improvise material from old slides, and copy slides from people you know. Although this works, its not really the best way to put together a winning presentation.

You will need to design a presentation which guides the decision makers from point A to point B. Create a sort of flow in the presentation, like you’re telling a story. Make clear and obvious titles, and include relevant visuals in the presentation. Don’t worry if you’re trying to tell a story using numbers only.

Visualize The Presentation

Remember, your goal is to effectively communicate your message. What comes into your mind when you’re trying to communicate the message? What is the overall theme of your presentation? Write or draw your ideas on paper using a pencil. This should help you bring your vision to life.

Insert Blank Slides in The Presentation

Using a blank slide is done when the speaker wants undivided attention from the audience. This can also be done using the B key on the keyboard when the presentation is being shown. Using a blank slide in a presentation; helps you plan when the screen will go blank so you can speak.

Learn to Use PowerPoint

Many people learn to use PowerPoint by themselves. They learn PowerPoint using courses in their educational institute or by taking a course online. Still, most people usually start using PowerPoint when they start working at their job. They learn what they can from their seniors and imitate them in how they usually make presentations; which is fine. But, you should really try to learn how to actually use PowerPoint. You will be surprised at how much faster you can make presentations when you know a few tricks.