With so many iPads and iPhones on the market, people want to use their idevices to get productive. Many people are wondering how they can use the videos that they have captured using their idevices in PowerPoint presentations. You might think it to be a hassle since Office is made by Microsoft, but luckily its not that difficult. Here we will be talking about how to quickly add video from an iPhone or iPad into your PowerPoint presentation. In this example we are assuming that you’re using a Windows PC.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and wait. iTunes might open automatically. In this case we don’t want to use iTunes so close it and continue. You should see a notification that the device is connected and ready for use. You should now be able to access the idevice storage using the File Explorer. Double-Click its icon and find the video that you want to insert into PowerPoint.

Step 2

You can cut and edit the video using Windows Live Movie Maker. If you can’t find it on your computer then download and install it for free from Microsoft’s own website by clicking here.

Step 3

Cut the video and save it with a proper name and an easy to find location on the computer. If Windows Live Movie Maker does not take the video file, then you can convert it to WMV first. You can do this by using this video conversion website: www.Online-Convert.com/

Step 4

The final step of the process is to insert the iPhone or iPad video into your presentation. Click Insert on the ribbon and click Video from the toolbar. You can set it to play when you click on it, or you can choose to make it play automatically.

Image Courtesy:

PowerPoint in 1 Minute by iSpring Malaysia [Creative Commons] via YouTube