Making a great presentation is 80% of the battle, the rest of the 20% is delivery. If you can master the delivery, then your presentation can truly reach your audience. Here are some things that you need to be careful of when you deliver a presentation.

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Check Your Equipment in Advance

If you’re using a USB flash disk, then make sure to use it on another computer first. Open the presentation and scroll through the whole thing. Does it look the way you expected it to look. Make sure to check every slide in the presentation while using this other computer.

Gestures and Visual Delivery

You’re the presenter. Their eyes are on you. So, move around and use the space a bit. Make bigger gestures than you would normally make. The larger the audience, the bigger the gesture you’ll need to make to get everyone’s attention. Don’t just look at the projector screen, try to make eye contact with all the members in the audience. Make sure to practice using the remote control or any other piece of equipment you may have to use when you deliver the actual presentation.

Vocals and Dialog

Don’t be in a hurry. Be calm and clear with your words. Avoid using words like Um or Amm, instead pause for a moment. This will help you and the audience think. Silence is a very powerful way to put emphasis on something. People want to take advice from a confident voice, so make sure your confidence can be heard in your voice.

Deliver The Whole Thing as a Story

Stories are very powerful. Humans have an innate ability to tell and remember stories. You can deliver anything as a story if it has a beginning, middle, and an end. This gives your presentation a flow, and the audience is wired to follow you because they love stories too.

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