Making a decision about what fonts to use can confuse many presenters. Most presentation designers suggest using cool and interesting fonts to make your presentation stand out. This advice may seem great at first, but using newer fonts has some disadvantages as well.

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When to Use Newer Fonts?

You cannot simply use a new font wherever you want. There are certain types of presentations where using these fonts is more feasible. The designers who suggest using newer ones are giving presentations in an environment where they have more control over things. They can make sure that their presentation appears on the projector screen the way they designed it. These presentations are often designed to present something novel, rather than making a regular report or conveying a routine message.

When Not to Use Newer Fonts?

It is usually the case that presenters have to share their presentation slides with other people. You may be sharing your presentation with other people using email and USB sticks. In that case, you have to make sure that the presentation will display correctly on their computer. A new font will not appear correctly on a computer unless it has already been installed. There is an option for storing a new downloaded font with the presentation slides, but most people may not remember to choose this option every time they use an unusual font in their slides.

What Happens When a Font Does Not Appear Correctly?

A font does not appear correctly on a computer if it has not been installed on that computer. You may have carefully decorated a slide with the new font, but what happens when the computer does not recognize the font you used? It will use some other font instead. You don’t get to decide what that substitute font will be. This can result in garbled or overflowing text.

Try Using Standard Fonts Instead

A standard font is one that is found in pretty much all computers. Using standard fonts like Calibri, Arial, Georgia, and Times New Roman makes sure that your presentation looks as intended on all computers. This is also a safe option if you want to give a web based presentation. Remote presentation software and webinar software also support standard fonts.

There are some ways of making text look better without using new fonts. Click here to learn more about what you can do to make text look better in a PowerPoint presentation.