Some employees are told by their employers to show a whole spreadsheet while giving a presentation. Even though its a bad idea to put too many numbers on slides, they may be asked to do so by their employers. The employer might request that all the data may be present in the slides. This may involve pasting a whole spreadsheet in there. Here we will cover Why they request this, and What you can do about it.

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Why is Your Boss Asking For More Data?

Surely having too many numbers on a slide confuses people. Then why does your boss want this to be the case? Your boss might be looking for information that you’re not presenting to him/her.

What Are They looking For?

The boss usually wants to know something but they can’t see it on your slides. You need to understand what they are looking for. Present it to them in a form they would prefer to a spreadsheet. Your job as a presenter is to show people what they came to see and make it easier for them to interpret that information. Show them a graph or a smaller table containing information relevant to their interests.

Not knowing what to present will not make you look good in an employee review session.

But, People May Ask For Other Data

Sometimes an employer may ask you to put the whole spreadsheet in the presentation just in case someone asks a question. You don’t need to put the spreadsheet in your presentation but keep it in there as a hidden slide. That way, you can keep all the details in the presentation just in case someone asks about certain related data.

Learn from each presentation and get to know your target audience a little better. Make presentations that already contains what they’re looking for and don’t give them a chance to have to ask for it again.