The most common reason why people avoid using visuals is that its difficult to find related images. Many people think that they don’t know what they’re doing when looking for visuals. But, its not really that difficult. Here, we’ll explain why.

Its Just a Visual

Now, I’m not trying to downplay the difficulty and confusion many people face when trying to find the most suitable visual for their presentation. But, its actually as simple as explaining something in words, and imagining a visual.

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Paint A Picture With Words

If you’ve already thought of words for the concept, then you’re almost done. Just paint a picture in your head and find a visual that represents that picture in your head.

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Compare The Idea With Something You Know

Even if you’re dealing with a concept that is fairly difficult to represent with an image, you can always think of something else that works in a similar way. Then you can use the image of that thing instead.

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Explain It To A Newbie 

If you’re still having trouble with turning your idea into a visual, then try explaining it to someone who is completely new to the concept. When you explain something new to someone new, you have no choice but to explain it using concepts they already know. This may involve an action, a quality, or a thing.. which is your image.

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Where To Find Images For Your Presentation Online?

Search for the image online using one of many free resources for images, or use an online search engine to find images. Just remember to only use images according to their license restrictions.

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Use Text Where Applicable

The point of using images is not to eliminate the use of text completely. The intent is to maximize audience attention. Use text to put your point across completely and concisely where needed.

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