Many presentation experts watch Apple launch events and the flood of media they attract. They wonder if Apple’s presentation contains something special needed for the delivery of a powerful message. Of course they want to apply the same to their own presentations and to those of their clients.

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The Apple Way

Large images and minimal slides, these are the benchmarks of a presentation with “The Apple Way” as its central design concept. There are people who think that this design should be imitated for corporate presentations as well. But, will the “The Apple Way” work for your corporate presentation?

It Won’t Work

Why won’t it work? Well, there are a few reasons why it might not work for corporate presentations. Apple’s slides look the way they do because they are presenting to a massive audience. Everything is super simplified and the most important features are put in clear focus.

Corporate presentations, on the other hand may contain a considerably smaller and more technically informed audience. Not to mention more details and less time.

The Corporate Template

Your company probably uses a template for their presentations. This template might include a standard layout, fonts, and background. Everything in the template has reasons for being there. So, you might not have a lot of say in changing the basic design of the slides.

Copy The Design..  Philosophy

Making your corporate slides look like an Apple Launch presentation may not work, but you can follow the philosophy of their presentation design itself.

To The Point

What do you see when you look at an Apple presentation? Its simple and to the point. Remove everything you can and only keep whats absolutely necessary. You still might end up with too much.

After that, just add whats specifically your own. What makes you or your company special? You’ll have to find the answer to that yourself. Think Different! and Good Luck!