A lot of presentations contain copyright works in them. Many presenters use pictures and video they find online, thinking that it is free to use when it isn’t. Many think that they will not get caught, but people actually do get caught using content that isn’t theirs and face legal circumstances. Being careful of copyright shows that you are a professional who takes their job seriously. Here, we will be talking about copyright issues regarding PowerPoint presentations and their solutions.

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What Can I Get a Copyright Strike For?

You can get a copyright strike for using anything that originated from someone else. Every thing that is distributed online has a license attached to it. This license dictates how you can use the content. It covers text, audio, video, etc in a variety of different file formats.

What does “Fair Use” Mean?

Fair Use is an exception to the rule. It lets a person use work without taking permission from its owner. Granted, it is only allowed in some countries such as the US and UK. A content creator does not need to ask for permission from the copyright owner in certain conditions. This includes:

Using content for Educational purposes, teaching, making a comment, or criticism on the content.

Some people think that using content for any non-profit or non-commercial use is acceptable but this is not the case. Please do some research on your particular case and find out if it falls under fair use.

What Does “Public Domain” Mean?

Content that has been marked as free is in the public domain. This sort of content is basically free to use anywhere. It means that the author has forfeited their right and allowed anyone to use it as they please.

What Does “Creative Commons” Mean?

Creative Commons are a growing set of licenses that have “some rights reserved” but they are usually free to use. Almost all images you can find on Wikipedia are under this license. The only requirement is that the original author is mentioned. There are many types of CC licenses, so you should read its name and description to make sure that you’re using it properly.

How To Find Free Content Online

There are many simple ways of finding free content online. Once you find the content you need, you’ll need to give attribution according to its license. You can read more about this by clicking here.