First impressions are important when doing business. People not only judge you by how to talk to them, but they also judge you by your presentations. If you’ve sat through a boring presentation, then you know what I’m talking about. Luckily, we’re here to help you figure out how to get your staff to make better presentations that help make you look good on and off the stage.

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Two Different Types of Leaders

There are two main types of leaders when it comes to getting presentations made. Typical leaders and High performance leaders.

Typical Leader

Typical leaders just ask their staff to make a presentation about topic X.

High Performance Leader

High performing leaders ask their staff to make a presentation for a goal. They also tell their staff to make it specifically for the target audience. However, this requires the leader to have thought about the goal of the presentation and understand the target audience as well.

Reviewing Slides Made by The Staff

Reviewing slides is an important step. Lets see how these two leaders handle it.

Typical Leader

Most leaders are disappointed when they look at the presentation made by their staff. This is because they typically have to make lots of changes. This is not only a waste of productivity but also a waste of office hours.

High Performance Leader

On the other hand, High performing leaders look at the text outline of the slides first. This outline is made before any slides are prepared. The leader then discusses any changes that need to be made and may go through the slides later when they’re finished. This increases productivity and saves office hours.

Limits on Number of Slides

No one likes to sit through a long presentation. But, does lowering the number of slides to a static number like 5 help solve this problem?

Typical Leader

Tells the staff to make the presentation within the limit of, lets say, 5 slides. Later reviews the presentation only to be disappointed to see 5 overloaded and confusing slides.

High Performance Leader

The high performance leader focuses on insights instead of length of the presentation. They get their staff to come up with ideas on how to present each topic and then decide how the topic should be conveyed in presentation format.

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