Want to show something new to the crowd? Maybe a new product or an unpublished report containing some good news? Well, there are different ways to hype things up and peek the audience’s attention.

What can you do in your presentation slides to build excitement for something in the presentation?

Here, we will discuss a few tips on how you can generate hype for your presentation or specific content inside of it.

What is Hype?

Hype is attention and anticipation generated for something.

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What Are Some Ways To Generate Hype In A Presentation?

You can generate interest in your product, service, announcement, etc in PowerPoint by using visuals and by using text.

Using Text To Generate Anticipation For What Comes Next

In order to create hype, you must know what you can use to create it with.

You need to find benefits of your product that you can claim to be must-have features. This is one of the hallmarks of marketing and your most powerful tool when it comes to creating hype for anything.

One idea is to piggyback on the media trends that are currently popular among your audience.

If your audience is currently paying attention to a related marketing trend, then symbolize it with your words or images to peek their attention.

Using Visuals To Generate Anticipation For What Comes Next

You are about to unveil something in your next slide. The slide before the main slide should contain the image of a stage curtain or something similar.

This image of a stage curtain can be used with text to generate excitement for the next slide.

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You can also use a PowerPoint template based on the same theme such as this one click here.

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