Delivering presentations over the internet is becoming more and more common. Especially in today’s age of Internet commerce, Webinars, and Online Conferences. Even organizations who used to have people fly over to another city or country to give presentations, are realizing that online solutions are more practical. Here we will talk about what you need to be careful of when making a presentation to be delivered online. Because, there are a few differences in how you would go about designing online presentations.

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Avoid Using Transitions And Object Animation

This limitation of online presentations may disappear someday with better internet connectivity. But, as of now, you’ll need to avoid using animations and movement in your presentations for the web. Some members of the online audience might see crude pauses in the movement of animations. If you must use them, use simple animation with the limitation in mind.

Try To Create A Feedback Loop Between You And The Web Audience

A big disadvantage to you as a presenter when delivering online presentations, is that you can’t see people’s reactions. Since getting feedback from the audience is really important, you’ll need to get them to respond. Let them give you feedback through a text message box. Encourage them to share their thoughts.

Use Arrows And Descriptive Text With Visuals

The use of visuals is almost inevitable in today’s modern presentations. On the web however, you might be showing people a visual, but they can’t see where you’re pointing at. For online presentations, highlight the area in the visual that you want people to pay attention to. Now, add some text to tell people what they’re looking at. You’ll have to make the slides this way.

Unless you do this, people are going to be left wondering what they’re looking at on the screen. This also works in your favor when someone takes your presentation and shares it with someone else they know.

Online presentations are growing and people are adapting to the change. If you’re new to this, don’t worry. Its actually more difficult to give a presentation in the flesh. You’ll probably get over the few differences in no time.

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