Many of us simply love numbers. May it be operational analysis, research statistics, financial results, or market research. Some people use Excel more than they do any other software, and these people really like using numbers in their presentations. But, does everyone like numbers as much as they do? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This article is for people who like to use more numbers than text in their presentations.

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But, They Need To Know More

You have to explain a certain process, so you decide to start from the beginning and explain everything in between. Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from, but if you include everything; it will actually get harder for people to understand your message. Many people will start to space out when they see too many numbers, and it might not be due to their inability to understand the message. But rather due to the fact that they don’t want to know everything.

Many professionals are excited to put out more information, this makes it a bit harder to advice them to use less of it. They have worked hard to obtain all this information, but they don’t really need to show most of it in a presentation. Rather, only the result of their expert analysis.

How Do The Numbers Affect The Audience?

The job of most presenters is not only to inform the audience but also to entertain them. You’re supposed to figure out what they expect from you as a presenter. It depends on the audience, but most people don’t want the presenter to talk about the things that don’t impact the topic. Try to focus more on the result.

What Do The Decision Makers Want to See?

In most cases, decision makes only want to see a few important data points. You can make your message clear by showing them only the most important numbers. They are trusting you to make the decision for them, and paying you to keep those numbers in your head.

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