Presentations often make use of topics where the duration of events is discussed. Showing relationships over time is not that easy to express in words. What is the best visual to represent time periods and label them? Of course, by using a Timeline.

What Is A Timeline?

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A Timeline is a visual representation of a sequence of events in chronological order. This is to say that the events are arranged in the sequence in which they occurred. A timeline can be used to show these events in a sequence that is easy to understand visually.

Why Use A Timeline?

You may want to use a timeline if you need to show people how events occurred in a sequence. This also makes it a lot easier for people to follow your explanation about these events without thinking too much about which came first or after. Thus, a Timeline prevents people from getting confused.

Download Timeline Templates

You can download Timeline templates from sites like FPPT by clicking this link. You can also read about making timelines quickly in PowerPoint by clicking here. However, if you want to learn how to make more impressive looking timelines, then please keep reading.

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Features of Timeline Templates

Timeline templates can be used to present a schedule to a team members. These templates are easy to modify. So, you can change them to look different and match your presentation’s style. They are great for medical schedules, activity schedules, production schedules, development schedules, research schedules, training schedules, etc.

Use The Office Timeline Plugin

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You can use the FreeOfficeTimeline plugin to make a custom and professional looking timeline. Click here to visit their website.This will help you stand out and really impress your audience. Its interface is simple. So, you don’t need to worry about having to learn a new tool. This is a fairly popular plugin.