What is the best way to start making a new presentation? Why, of course, you have to start by making an outline. An outline is like a bird’s eye view (macro aspects) of the presentation. After that, you can start working on the individual slides (micro aspects). This allows you to stay on track while making the presentation. It helps you produce a presentation that conveys a more coherent and effective message.

Why Do Most People Avoid Making a Presentation Outline?

Most people start making a presentation by thinking of a concept followed by searching online for images and ideas supporting their concept. People use this approach because it seems easy. Then why should you bother with outlining your presentations?

Why Is Outlining a Presentations Important in the First Place?

One reason why it is the most important first step in your presentation making process is because you’re not the only person working on the presentation. It is important to remember that as long as the presentation has a proper outline; everyone’s work will come together in a nice coherent way.

This not only makes the resulting presentation easier to understand for the audience, but it also helps by minimizing wasted time spent in rewriting rejected slides.

Outlining Presentations with Sticky Notes

Outline - Handmade Outlines - FreePowerPointTemplates

Some people prefer using paper for outlining. I’m one of them. In fact, leading presentation firms also use paper outlining their presentations.

Simple Outlining with Software

Outline - Computer Outlines - FreePowerPointTemplates

You can use any text editor to outline your presentation. Many people use Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel to make presentation outlines. Excel works because of its modular nature. The text can be organized in cells and moved around by copying and pasting.

You can also try using Microsoft OneNote to simulate using sticky notes on a computer.

Image: [Public Domain] via flickr