Editing a slide master is a smart way of making changes to a presentation template. If you make the same changes to that template or all templates that you use then why not simply edit once? Editing once in the Slide Master will apply those changes to the whole presentation.

What Is A Slide Master?

A Slide Master or a Master Template is a set of defaults. When you edit the Slide Master, all the existing and new slides that follow that slide master will change automatically. This includes formatting, background images, etc.

How To Edit The Slide Master?

Editing a slide master or master template is fairly simple in PowerPoint. All you need to do is find the Master Slide button.

In PowerPoint 2013, click the VIEW tab from the Ribbon Toolbar. After that, click the Slide Master button to see more options.

Slide Master -- Ribbon Toolbar - View - Slide Master - FreePowerPointTemplates

(Please click here to download the PowerPoint Template used in this example)

It should look something like the image below. As you can see, the slide thumbnail view on the left hand side has changed a bit. These are not your normal presentation slides.

Instead, they are all the possible types of slides that this PowerPoint presentation template has stored in it.

Slide Master -- Ribbon Toolbar - View - Slide Master - 2 - FreePowerPointTemplates

A change to the background image in one of these slides will change the background image of all slides that use it. Same goes for the text font, text size, text color, etc.

Once you’re done editing, click the Close Master view button to close Slide Master view. This should return you to the normal editing environment once again.

Slide Master -- Ribbon Toolbar - View - Slide Master - 3 - FreePowerPointTemplates

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