A great man once said: “People do not harm, but expectations towards people do.” Everyone has expectations that determine how they will feel about something. Members of the audience who come to see your presentations also have expectations. This article is about how you can finish early and help make them feel like you’ve saved one of the most precious assets your audience has, Time.

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The Gift of Free Time

In today’s world, everyone wants to be more efficient. People schedule one thing over another, just to save a bit more time. Some people have to do this just to sleep. Everyone’s busy, and in this busy life; a little bit more time can really help. When everything takes longer than you expect; having some unexpected free time can really make a day wonderful.

Better To Best

Delivering a well prepared presentation on time is a great goal. But, its even better when you finish early. When you end a presentation early, it gives the impression that things went better than planned. Like a kid who finishes their exam early, you have achieved your goal and done all the necessary stuff earlier than expected.

But, How Much Time is Ideal?

Well, there is no ideal formula here. You’ll just have to do your best to include only the things that are necessary. Do away with what is not needed. For an hour long meeting; schedule at least 20 to 30 minutes more. Schedule some time for questions if needed. Try to end the presentation 15 minutes early.

Being efficient with the information you’re presenting will help boost the morale of your colleagues. Nothing matches the joy of getting something done early. This will give them time to relax before they go into their next scheduled task. It will also give them more time to consider the ideas you talked about in the presentation.