You do not have to read an entire presentation to find a word or phrase and replace it with something else. The Find and Replace Feature in PowerPoint 2013 takes care of all your trouble with just a few clicks of the mouse. Let us go through the simple ways to find and replace text. Learn PowerPoint basics, such as how to use Spell Check.

Find Text

To open the Find Dialog box, navigate to the Home tab on the Ribbon. Now locate the Find button, which is available in the Editing group. The keyboard shortcut to open the Find Dialog box is CTRL+F. Now click the Find Next button to find another occurrence of the same word using this tool.

Suppose you want to look up the word “Background” in your presentation. Enter the word in the Find what box, and click Find Next. If the word appears multiple times within the same presentation, you may click the Find Next button multiple times.

Find and Replace Feature in PowerPoint 2013 1

Replace Text

Replace feature finds a word or phrase and replaces it with some other word or phrase. To open the Replace Dialog Box, navigate to Home Tab and Click the Replace Button, which is part of the Editing Group. The keyboard shortcut for Replace Dialog Box is CTRL+H.

Enter the text inside the Find what text box, and replace it with the text inside the Replace with text box. Click Find Next to replace the text once. Click Find Next again for multiple occurrences of the same word.

Find and Replace Feature in PowerPoint 2013 2

This tutorial is for PowerPoint 2013. If you own a copy of an earlier version, such as PowerPoint 2010, or PowerPoint 2007, the instructions may slightly. If you like the slides used in this template, then check out our collection of free PowerPoint templates, on all facets of life, business, Lifestyle, and much more.