Anyone who has had to put together a presentation for a company, knows that looking for high resolution logs can be a challenge. If you want to include the logo of your company then you can probably get it easily. But in case it is a third-party, you will probably be looking for a logo online. Today, we will talk about some ways to find high quality versions of logos for your PowerPoint presentation.

What People Usually Do

People usually go to the company’s website and try to look for the logo on their homepage. Images uploaded for the web are usually small. They are optimized to take the least amount of time when the web page loads. For this reason, re-sizing the images can make them look really blurry.

Some people try to search for the company’s name on google. This can help you get a higher resolution version of the logo sometimes, but you may accidentally download an older version of the logo.

Tips on How to Get a High Resolution Logo

First of all, you can try contacting someone you know from the company. This should be fairly simple if you are working with them.

If you can’t ask them to send you a high resolution version of the logo, then try looking for it on their website. The homepage might have a low resolution version on it, but the website may contain PDF documents that have a high resolution version of the logo on them. You can use google to search the website for PDF documents and filter the search results using keywords. First, try the following google search format:

site:  filetype:pdf

(replace url with actual website)

This will return results containing PDF files. If there are too many search results in the list, then you can start including keywords, such as “report” or “press release”. Try to choose the most recent files to get the latest logo. You don’t want to end up with an old logo.

Getting the Logo from the PDF File

Open the PDF file with your PDF viewer of choice. Many PDF viewers have a snapshot tool in them these days. The latest version of the fee Adobe Acrobat reader and PDF X-Change viewer as well as other readers have this feature. The capture icon usually looks like a camera.

Zoom into the logo as much as possible without it becoming blurry. Use the capture/snapshot tool to capture the logo and paste it into the PowerPoint presentation. You can also use the PrtSc key on the keyboard. And there you have it, a high resolution logo for your PowerPoint presentation.