This free PowerPoint template focuses on the application of business to technology in general and electronics engineering in particular. If you are in to technological entrepreneurship, then pitch your idea using this circuit board design. Circuit boards are used in computers, mobile phones and other technological devices. Download the Free Business Technology Template, available at the official Microsoft Office website in 16:9 (widescreen) format.

Free Business Technology PowerPoint Template 1

Editable Technology Themed PowerPoint Template

Free Business Technology PowerPoint Template is a free slide deck to present topics related to IT, electronics, entrepreneurship, and circuit design. It provides a wide black band image to write the title with the black and gray view of a circuit board in the background. Like most presentation template it has slides with customized layouts. The sample slide layout provides a title and content slide, a pie chart, a 3 x 4 table, a SmartArt graphic. It gives you the option to add text, charts and diagrams for designing a professional looking presentation deck.

Free Business Technology PowerPoint Template 2

The title slide has a wide black band to write title and the next slide comes with the title and content layout to list the content of the presentation. You can make changes in the layout of the slide deck to match your needs.

Free Business Technology PowerPoint Template 3

The remaining sample slides provide a chart, a table and a SmartArt graphic to list task descriptions and components, workings or processes, to make comparisons or to measure the performance of a system.

Free Business Technology PowerPoint Template 4

Use the table layout as a truth table to logically describe the functioning of the circuit or hardware. Edit the table according to your needs. In the remaining slides, add text, images and diagrams to make the slide deck attractive and professional.

Edit the free Business Technology PPT theme in the browser or Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 by clicking this hyperlink, which directs you to the official Microsoft Office template resource.