Most regular presentations are delivered in a conference room in front of a few people. These presentations have a conversational style, and people interfere with questions sometimes. There’s also the end of the presentation when questions may be asked as part of the Q&A session.

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Questions Are To Be Expected

People normally ask questions if the topic is something that concerns them significantly. People may also ask questions if you’re talking about a controversial or unusual topic.

Put Yourself in Their Seats

Think in terms of what the audience expects from your presentation. Think from their perspective if you can. If you’re unable to see things from their perspective then consult someone who can. Ask them about some concerns they might have or questions that may come to their mind. You will probably see similar questions at the end of your presentation from your audience if your audience thinks like that as well.

Put Yourself Back in Your Seat Shoes

Now, you should have a good idea of what you might get asked. It is time to figure out answers to those questions and get ready to present some answers.

You can include answers to the top questions as part of your presentation. As for the other questions, you may include them as slides but keep them hidden. These slides can come in handy if those questions are asked.

Link Flies To Answer Questions

Keep hidden slides for audience questions in your presentation deck. You can also link ANY other file you want. Yes, pretty much any file. It might be a word document, an excel sheet, a video, or even a web page.

Have Fun!

Questions help clarify important points. Plan your presentation and prepare answers for potential questions. Be more confident, and solidify your place as an expert for the topic.

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