PowerPoint presentations are essentially paperless, but they still use a lot of paper in the form of handouts, flip charts, speaker notes, etc. It would be nice to do away with the paper we still use in presenting PowerPoint presentations. Especially if going paperless helps us make things a bit easier as well.

Some of these documents are printed and then recycled or wasted pretty soon afterwards. You can choose to keep a lot of text in the tablet and avoid printing it entirely. Here we will be looking at how you can try going paperless with your speaker notes.

Use PDFs Instead Of Printed Speaker’s Notes

Doing stuff like this might raise some eyebrows, but it can be done if we really want to do it. Printing the presentation in PDF format can be done easily. Print the PDF file using PowerPoint. Once you have the file, copy it over to your device or email it to your device.

Open the file using a PDF viewer app. You can find many good PDF reader apps for pretty much any device. Make sure to understand the interface. Practice flipping the pages and delivering the presentation with the tablet. Speaker notes should be visible under each slide.

Some Things To Be Careful Of

You may need to increase the brightness on your device to read the text under the lights. You should also change the display settings to make sure that the device won’t “fall asleep” or turn the screen off automatically. Make sure that your device is fully charged before you start giving the presentation.

This might be a bit daunting for some people, but you’ll get used to it after a while. Having tablets, monitors, and projector screens around as helps us in going paperless if we really try. It is efficient, cost effective, and it kinda looks cool too.

Please try it!

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