It is no secret that video has taken over the world. With the advent of video streaming webistes and the availability of broadband internet, more people are searching for information in video format than ever. Video really gets people’s attention and helps them retain information. It is also a more influential medium. Many people already use images in PowerPoint presentations, but some take a step further, and use video. Its effectiveness, however, depends on the the audience and their familiarity of the material.

How To Insert a Video From Vimeo?

Many videos hosted on vimeo are easily downloadable, but this is only the case if the owner allows it to be downloaded. This button should appear below the video player. Clicking this button allows you to download the video as a file that you can then insert in your PowerPoint presentation.

Online Video - Vimeo - Download Button - FreePowerPointTemplates

If this download button is not available, then you can still insert the online video into the presentation slide by hyperlinking it. See below for instructions on how to insert a video hyperlink in PowerPoint. You can also downloa the video using various website like but you should ask the owner of the content before using it in your presentation,

How To Insert a Video From YouTube?

Youtube videos don’t have a download button, but you can still download a video by using different plugins and websites. It is easy to download a Youtube video by using a website like KeepVid and But, you should only do this for videos that have a Creative Commons (CC) license. Other than that, you can always ask the content producer for permission before downloading the video.

How To Link an Online Video From Any Website?

Basically what we mean by ‘linking’ is that the video itself won’t be playing from your computer. It will actually be playing from the website that hosted the video. When you try to play the video from PowerPoint, it will open your default web browser and play the video using the internet. Here’s how to do it:

First, you will need to find the video you want people to see. That video can be from any website. Now, click the address bar and copy the link of the video.

Online Video - Youkou - Copy Video URL - FreePowerPointTemplates

Once you have the link of the video, take a screen shot of the video player using the Print Screen (PrtSc, PrtScn, etc) key on the keyboard. Open Microsoft Paint, paste the captured screen shot in Paint and crop the video player’s image. Now, you can paste the image in your PowerPoint slide. Here’s we used the Vimeo player as an example:

Online Video - Vimeo - Player - FreePowerPointTemplates

To hyperlink the video, simply Right-click the image and click Hyperlink.

Online Video - Right-click - Hyperlink - FreePowerPointTemplates

(Click here to download the PowerPoint template in the example.)

Paste the link and click OK

Online Video - Right-click - Hyperlink - OK - FreePowerPointTemplates

Now, when you click the image in a presentation, it should open a web browser and play the online video using the internet. Make sure to check if it works before you finish editing the presentation. This method can be used for almost any video hosting website.