We are seeing more and more presenters use audio and video in their PowerPoint presentations. This trend may have been caused by the fact that videos are simply more popular than images in today’s world. However, personal preferences aside, video clips are a great way to deliver your message to the audience. Videos can trigger emotions, and cause the message to really sink in to the crowd. In this day’s blog, we’ll be talking about how to use video to make your presentation better.

How Much Video Resolution?

The video resolution should not be too low. If it is really low then it can’t be increased using software, and it might look a bit blocky or blurry on the projector screen. Also, make sure that it is not way too high. Or elseit might not play smoothly on an old computer. Make sure that the computer which will be attached to the projector will be able to play the video correctly.

Editing The Video Clips

You will need to edit the video to make small video clips. You can then insert these video clips in the presentation and show them to your audience. You can edit the video using simple software like Windows Movie Maker as well as professional video editing software. If all you need to do is to cut a portion of video, then Windows Movie Maker should be more than enough. You can download and install it from this link on Microsoft’s own website.

Editing video using the Windows Movie Maker is really easy. Almost as easy as using a text editing software. The keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste should work just fine, making is easy to understand and easy to use. A quick YouTube search should help you find tutorials on how to use it.

Be Careful of Different Video Formats

If you’re planning on playing the video on another computer, then make sure that the video format will play on it. Make sure that it is not missing any important plugins to play the file. You can also change the format of the video by using a video converter software.

Showing The Video in the Presentation

Put the video clips in a presentation slide so that it plays automatically or after pressing a button, you decide. If the projector only shows video, then make sure that the audio will also get played from the room’s speakers.

Image Courtesy: Own Work