PowerPoint 2016 has pretty much all the features you’re used to seeing in PowerPoint, but it also comes with a few new handy features that you might not have seen before. This is one of those features that we really liked in PowerPoint 2016. It is the “Tell Me what you want to do” feature.

No More Searching Online For How To Do Something

PowerPoint 2016 - Tell me what you want to do -- Freepowerpointtemplates

That’s right, you can just ask PowerPoint 2016 if you want to find a setting. You just need to know its name. Its simple, highlight some text in the presentation first. You’ll see a text box with a bulb icon that says Tell me what you want to do. Click the box and type the name of the feature you’re looking for, then click the feature’s name.

PowerPoint 2016 - Tell me what you want to do - 2 -- Freepowerpointtemplates

You can enter words and phrases related to what you want to do. It is also a huge time saver. If you know the name of the PowerPoint 2016 feature you’re trying to apply, you can just search for it and Boom! there it is. Ready for use.

If you liked the PowerPoint template you see in the pictures then click here to download it. Have a nice day 🙂