It is with presentations, as it is with most things, that we must have a grasp over the basics in order to get its full benefit. This pursuit reminds us of our own purpose and prevents us from losing direction. We must ask ourselves the question, “What is the most important thing for a presenter?” Some people think that it is your material and how well researched it is. Others say that it is how you present the information. But, there is one thing that many people forget, and that it keeping the presentation within the audience’s attention span.

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Save The Credits For The End

Many presenters start the presentation with introductions. They thank their team and people who made the arrangements possible. They may also give a long background story before starting the presentation. This can often put some people to sleep.

Crediting people in the start of the presentation does not help retain audience’s attention. Most people’s attention spans are short. From the start they will direct their attention towards their smartphone until you’re finished with the into.

Wait for the audience to be seated. After that, you should appear and try to keep their undivided attention. Much like a performer or a movie. So, leave the credits for the last slide instead of the start of the presentation.

Reward The Audience for Attending

The audience should not regret coming to the presentation. Once they arrive, they should be greeted, and given information that will really change things for them. You have to take them from where they are to where they need to be. Construct that vision in their minds by taking them step-by-step from their current position to their destination. Lay it out like a story so that it is easier for them to remember and to explain to their peers.

Finish With a Call to Action

In the end of a presentation, the presenter should urge the audience to act on the information. This will happen if the steps were clearly communicated. Make the call to action very clear and easy to remember.

Gaining the attention of the audience is one of the main reasons for having a presentation. Once you have their attention, that is when you have the opportunity to sell your idea to them.

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