Many presenters unintentionally turn the sales presentation to a lecture. This is how things have been done traditionally, and it does work for the most part. After the presentation is over, members of the audience try to ask the presenter some questions about what they really wanted to know from the beginning. But, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here we will discuss some ways to increase interaction in PowerPoint presentations.

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Design a Non-Linear Sales Presentation

In today’s day and age, everyone’s in a big hurry to be somewhere or to do something. Listening to a long sales presentation is not practical for many people. And so, presenters are forced to make shorter presentations. When making a shorter presentation, the presenter has to decide what to present and what to leave out. This is a guessing game where the presenter hopes that the client is more interested in some aspects of the product more than others. This gamble may or may not pay-off if you get a wide variety of clients.

One solution for this problem is to make a non-linear presentation. This sales presentation is like a menu that is presented to the client. They decide what they want to know about the product, and you start presenting that portion of the long sales presentation to save their time.

Using Interactive PDF Brochures 

You can try giving PDF brochures with handouts and/or send them to attendees through email. This helps in a few different ways. When you want the audience to look at a certain piece of information on the page, you can just point to it on the screen instead of pointing to it on the small paper version in your hand. It is easy to show things on the screen, and you have the option to zoom into what you want the audience to see and highlight text that you want them to read, helping them focus on the product you’re trying to sell.

Designing a more interactive sales presentation helps you understand what the clients want to know the most, and helps you better provide solutions for their needs.

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