Pecha Kucha is a Japanese style for short presentations. It was created by two architects from Tokyo in 2003. Since then, it has really taken off and gained popularity.

Currently, Pecha Kucha nights are organized in some cities regularly. People practice the art of concise presentations in these events. According to, they have already reached more than 900 cities worldwide.

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Pecha Kucha Means Chit Chat

Pecha Kucha is a term in Japanese which means “Chit Chat”. These 20 x 20 presentations are 20 slides that change after 20 seconds each. This approach means that presentations are 6 minutes and 40 seconds long in duration. Sort of like a story in a conversation, but more organized and having a time limit.

Reason Why Pecha Kucha Was Developed

It was developed by two Architects in 2003 for architects and designers. People in these fields tend to go on tangents while presenting. The time and slide constraints force speakers to stay on topic and express their ideas concisely.

Use Pecha Kucha to Present a Story

People love to hear stories, but a long story can potentially put anyone to sleep. Using the 20×20 approach helps us avoid this pitfall by limiting words and more importantly; limiting time.

Use Pecha Kucha to Present an Idea

People love to hear a good idea, but it is not fun to hear someone ramble on about anything. Sometimes people spend too much time explaining a certain aspect of their idea for far too long. This problem can easily be solved by using this 20×20 presentation format.

Find a Pecha Kucha Near You

I strongly recommend going to a one near you and experiencing it yourself. With these events crossing the 900 city mark, there’s a chance that one will be organizing near you. Check out to go to an event near you, organize one of your own, or check out one of the many recorded online online.

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