PowerPoint contains a lot of printing options enough to satisfy most people’s requirements.

Although it is best that we keep paper to the minimum. There may be times when you might have to deliver a printed presentation. Maybe you have to print presentation handouts and you want to print them in a specific way. That is to say that you want a custom print job.

Where Are The Printing Options I Need?

You might not know where to find the options. However, rest assured. You should know the options you are looking for when you reach the end of this article.

What are the options for printing a presentation in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint gives you the option to print your presentations in various different ways. You can print them as they are. You can also print them with notes. You can print them as handouts to be given to the audience. You can choose the range of slides that you want to print.

Where To Access these Options?

You can access all of these options from the File menu. Inside the File menu, you will find Print.

This is how it looks in PowerPoint 2013.

Printing Options -- File - Print - PowerPoint 2013- FreePowerPointTemplates

This is what you should see when you click Print

Printing Options -- File - Print - 2 - PowerPoint 2013 - FreePowerPointTemplates

Here we see different settings that you can change. By default, all slides will be printed. The prints will be full page slides, and they will be in color starting from the first to the last.

Here we will explain some the settings and what they do

Choosing a Printer

You can select a printer. Make sure to select the correct printer connected to your computer. You also have the option to print to file if you simply want to have a digital copy of how the printed version would have looked like.

What Are The Settings?

The default Print All Slides will simply print the entire presentation.

Print Selection can be used to print selected slides. This option only works if you highlight a few thumbnails from the right hand side and then go to File and click Print. Otherwise it is greyed out.

The Print Current Side option simply prints the current slide.

The Custom Range option will allow you to type the numbers of the slides that you want to print. You can specify range as 1-3 and specific slides as 1,2,3

How to Print Notes Pages, Handouts, and Outlines?

To see additional Print Layouts, click Full Page Slides to see more options.

Here, you can see options for printing the presentation as Notes, Outlines, or Handouts.

Click one of the options to see a preview of how each will look if printed.

Printing Options -- File - Print Layout - PowerPoint 2013 - FreePowerPointTemplates

You can also click the Color button and set the color to Greyscale or Pure Black and White if you don’t want to print in color. It is best to do this to get a good preview in case you’re planning on printing in grey or making black and white photocopies later.