When people try to improve the quality of their presentation slides, they usually have more ideas than they can implement. Of course, we can’t put every idea to good use though. Not all of the ideas are good ideas either. We try to make our slides better by using more good ideas, but this isn’t very effective unless we also look at the worst slides.

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Which Ones Are The Worst Slides?

Instead of adding more slides to the presentation, try making the worst slides in the presentation better. Typically, there are two or more slides in the presentation that stand out as the worst. These are the slides that you have the most difficulty presenting and the audience has the most difficulty understanding.

What’s Wrong With One or Two Bad Slides?

Having slides like this in your presentation lowers its overall quality. You don’t want people to remember your presentation for its worst slides. But, unfortunately, this is what ends up happening to many presenters.

Work On The Worst Slides

Try working exclusively on the worst slides in your presentation. Working on improving just two slides should be a lot easier than working on improving the whole presentation. Not only does this make things a lot easier, but it also gives you the most benefit for your effort.

Raise The Entire Presentation’s Quality

By working on the worst slides, you raise the quality standard of the whole presentation. You might not like working on the most problematic slides of the presentation, but this is where your effort is needed the most.

Let’s Work On Our Weaknesses

No one really likes to work on their weaknesses because its difficult. But, if you can manage to cover up your weaknesses, you can have a presentation which gets heaps of praise. Remember, people usually remember what went wrong more than what went right.