You might have been asked to make a decision and give a recommendation. Sifting through a few important choices and making a presentation for the best option can be a difficult task. And, you may be feeling a bit unprepared for it. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should know exactly what to do and how to do it. So lets get started.

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Start With The Solution

Start your presentation with the recommendation. Don’t make people wait till the end to find out the best option you selected. Don’t build-up to a solution that people wanted to know from the start.

Keep Your Focus on the Solution

Many presenters make the mistake of sharing all their research for the solution they’re recommending. Your audience might not care how you got to that decision. They came to hear why the chosen solution is the best one to choose. So, try to focus on discussing the result of choosing a certain solution instead.

What Criteria did you Use?

What were the factors that you used to rank one solution over another? Explain the criteria you used, and the weightage you gave to each criteria.

What Other Options Did You Look At?

Show them what other options you considered while making your decision. After that, compare all the options. Compare them based on the criteria you used to rank them. This will show how and why the option you chose is the best option.

Ask Them For Their Approval 

Now that you’ve shown your analysis and recommendation, you need to ask for their decision. Ask them explicitly for their decision. This will help every one know that they are free to ask questions now.

This should prompt them to ask questions about the decision and help them voice any concerns they might still have. Having these discussions leads to better decision making.