In a conference call, one person talks to a many people at the same time. This call can be a one-way or a two-way call. A device called a “conference bridge” might be used where many people call the name number and connect to the group call. In a conference call presentation, you may give everyone a copy of the presentation through the internet e.g. by using email. People then open the presentation file and follow along while you present to them. Here we will be talking about some tips on how you can make your conference call presentations more successful.

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How To Make Sure People Will See The Slide Correctly?

First of all, you need to make sure that everyone will be able to see the slides correctly. You can ensure this by giving everyone the PowerPoint presentation as a Show file. When you save the presentation, make sure to save it as a show file (.PPSX). If you open such a file, you will see that the presentation starts playing.

Make Sure To Number The Slides

Since you are on the phone, you can’t really change what the audience sees. You will have to Make sure that all slides are numbered before you let them copy the presentation. You will need to instruct everyone to go to a different page through the conference call e.g. “Please go to page 4.”, “Now, lets go to the next page.. Please go to page 5.” This might be the only effective way for you to coordinate the audience.

In today’s world, you will see many different types of presentations due to changes in needs. Presentations delivered through the internet are growing in popularity, from webinars, and video streams to recorded video and conference call presentation.

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