Word is the starting point of most projects, and presentations are no exception. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how to create PowerPoint 2013 presentations using content from Microsoft Word 2013. Lets get started.

How To Use The Send To PowerPoint Feature?

Open Microsoft Word 2013 and write the content of your presentation. Click File > Send To > Microsoft PowerPoint, to convert the outline into a PowerPoint document. This opens PowerPoint with a simple presentation that has a bit of text in it as well.

Try using this format for the outline:

Slide Title 1

Text 1

Text 2

Text 3

If you try this method, you will probably end up with a plain looking set of four slides. Powerpoint isolates a few formatting styles and converts them into titles, bullets, etc

Now try the same method, but this time divide the content into headings. So, the text that you want to be in the title should have the formatting H1 or Heading 1. Select or highlight the text you want to be the title, and click Heading 1 from the Styles menu.

For content under the heading, select the text, and click Heading 2 from the styles menu. This text will be turned into bullets (specifically Bullet 1).

H3 or Heading 3 converts into Bullet 2 in PowerPoint.

H4 or Heading 4 converts into Bullet 3 in PowerPoint.

The next H1 or Heading 1 will mark the start of the next slide an so on.

To Summarize

This is a convenient way to quickly make an outline for a presentation. You’re not going to be able to use a presentation like this unless you use a template, and add some more polish to it. These are going to be really simple. All it needs now is a template and it should look a lot better. You can download free templates from these sites: