The point of making a presentation from a child’s point of view is not just to make it simpler. Its a fact that what we learn in grade school sticks with us for the rest of our lives. As a presenter, you can actually use this to your advantage when designing your presentation.

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Use Lots of Pictures With Your Presentations

Kids love picture books. Pictures are a great tool for education because they help introduce us to new things. The same story or lesson would be a lot more difficult to understand if the picture wasn’t there. People start learning from pictures even before they learn how to read. Pictures really helps get an idea through to people.

Use Visual Representations Instead of Numbers

Kids love stacking things on top of each other. Most of us remember playing with some sort of blocks. They try to make really high stacks with blocks and notice that making a higher stack takes more effort than the smaller ones. This lesson carries through to adulthood when we look at numbers represented visually as columns and lines in graphs.

Show a Calendar for Dates and a Clock for Time

As children, we learn to keep track of time using calendars and clocks. When you’re referring to an important date or making an announcement about something that is going to occur in the future, you should try showing it on a calendar. If you’re discussing something that happened at a certain time, then try using the picture of a clock with that time on it.

Perform the Presentation and Be Fun

Whenever you step in front of people on a stage or a room, they expect you to be a little entertaining for them. Kids find great joy in humor and making people happy isn’t all that difficult. Keep smiling and keep a friendly demeanor as you would around a child. Always be patient, positive, and supportive. Try to look at the fun side of things.