Are you looking for ways to cut down on the time you spend making presentations? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. This method really helps, especially if you have to make presentations quite frequently.

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But, Doesn’t This Just Make Boring Presentations?

When people hear about standard slides, they automatically think how methods like this must only produce really boring looking presentations where everything looks the same.

After all, presentations need to look like they’ve had some work done on them. Otherwise, people might not like them. Rest assured though. Using a standard set of slides doesn’t mean that you’ll be limited to a certain type of slides.

What Are These Slides?

These slides are a standard set of slides which you can make for common types of presentations that you normally give. This will give you your own repository of slides to draw from when making a new presentation.

Use Case: Sales Presentation

So, for example you’re ready to make a sales presentation. you might share a few slides on a popular product, a few on the sales process, and maybe some slides showing how the customers reacted after buying the product.

Use Case: Finance Presentation

If you make regular finance related presentations, then you’ll probably need to make some standard slides for introducing the presentation, sharing tables, sharing slides containing different types of graphs, and of course the conclusion slide.

Making A New Presentation, Faster!!

When you make a new presentation, you will probably be pulling slides from a standard deck. This should cover around seventy percent of all slides that you’re going to need to make your presentation. And, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour of work.

Now, you can focus on the content of the slides without having to worry about small things like how to organize the slides, what they should look like, writing the same text again and again, etc.

You’ve Already Made Your Standard Deck of Slides

You already have a wonderful set of slides with you. You can find these slides in presentations you’ve made in the past. From the slides you use on a regular basis. Which ones do you think you’ll be using again? These are the best to include in your very own deck of standard slides.

The Conclusion 

Using standard slides is a great idea if you give regular presentations. This will help you spend more time on content and less on how the slides look or how the topics are organized.