People want to design a Powerful presentation that will blow everyone away. Something that really leaves an impression on the audience. Many people’s vision of a good presentation template is one that has plenty of visual impact to it. However, does visual impact make your product look better?

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People Know The Difference Between a Presentation and Your Product 

Making a flashy presentation may give the impression that you spent a lot of money on it, but don’t forget that you need to wow people with your product, not the presentation’s design. Because the entertaining presentation may not sell when delivered to an informed audience.

A Frequent Use of Visually Impactful Presentations

Maybe you’ve experienced going to a video game store, book shop, or a DVD shop and looking at the colorful covers and boxes. If you’re not very familiar with the product then you might get something that has a great looking cover, only to find out later that the product isn’t really that great.

This is one way that flashy presentations with lots of visual impact can sell. However, your customers won’t forgive you for knowingly selling them something using tactics like these.

When You Know That Your Product is Great

When a product is great, then you want to keep all the focus on what matters most. Good presentation design will help you do just that.

The Most Powerful Slide in PowerPoint

What kind of slide do you use when you want to take all of the audience’s attention and focus it all on your product, your quote, your prop, or on You?

The Answer: A Black Slide.

The Best Way To Get All of Their Attention

A Black slide is the ultimate slide when you want to get everyone to focus on you. And, the best part is that anyone can use it.

How To Use It?

Show a black slide in the middle of a presentation. Pause, and then say something. People should immediately look at you and focus on what you want to show them. Whether it be a person, a prop, a product, a picture, an advertisement banner, or something else. You should have all of their attention for at least 1 minute.

How To Make A Black Slide

You can call up a black slide at any point in your presentation simply by pressing B on the keyboard. Press it again to go back to normal. This powerful keyword shortcut works in PowerPoint as well as Keynote.