When someone starts a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting, many people start feeling bored right from the start. Chances are that you’re one of them. But then, you might wonder why PowerPoint presentations are still around anyways?

Why is PowerPoint Everywhere?

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Any speaking coach will tell you that PowerPoint presentations aren’t going anywhere. They’re too easy to make and too widespread to disappear anytime soon. PowerPoint presentations are instantly recognized which makes them easy to follow as well.

Why Do So Many People Dislike Presentations?

Many surveys show us exactly what most people dislike about presentations. People usually dislike PowerPoint presentations because of two main reasons. According to the survey, the biggest reason why presentations are unappealing to audiences is because

  1. Speakers read off of slides throughout most of the presentation
  2. There’s too much text on the presentation slides

What Can Be Done To Avoid This?

The omniscience and versatility of PowerPoint makes it invaluable as a communications tool. The reason why most presentations don’t work is because most presenters fail to engage the audience. You can engage your audience by presenting visually. Follow these simple pieces of advice to present your message more visually.

1. Summarize Your Message To Its Basic Form

First look at your message and reduce it to its basic form. What is the core of your message? Answering this question will help you select an image to represent the idea.

2. Don’t Use Literal Images

Choose an image which represents your idea. It doesn’t need to be a diagram of your concept. Rather, something that represents your idea as a concept. However, its also important not to choose an image so abstract that no one knows what you’re talking about. So, keep that balance in mind and choose something generally related to the concept of your presentation.

3. Repeat The Same Image Effectively

When you have introduced the image once, you can start re using the image elsewhere in the presentation. The image can be reinforced by putting it in many slides in the same presentation. You can also use different but similar images instead of using the same image.

These tips may not have been too technical, but they do work and they’re easy to apply. So, please use them and share this post if you liked it. Have A Nice Day 🙂

Image: [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons