I think everyone will agree with me when I say that computer failure is a horrible thing to deal with. It is especially horrible if you have important data on the computer that you don’t want to lose. Anyone who makes PowerPoint presentations on their computer knows that there is a lot of important data that should never be lost. The presentation computer needs to be kept safe.

So, what would you do if the operating system on your presentation computer stops working? Do you have a backup plan for a time like this? In this blog, we will talk about some things that you should be doing to keep data safe on your presentation computer.

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Keep a Full Backup of Your Entire Hard Drive

This is actually not that hard to do. You need disk cloning software to copy the contents of the entire hard drive to another hard drive. You can set it up to make an Incremental backup. This type of backup incrementally backs up changes to your data. You can make this backup regularly on a schedule. It enables you to recover everything, including the operating system. You could use Paragon backup for this, which is free.

You should also use cloud backup solutions (e.g. Dropbox, Box, etc) to store smaller important files. This can include work files that you use on a regular basis.

Keep All Your Important Disks In A Safe Place

Make sure that all your important computer disks are in one place that is easy to access. Put all the software that you use in one folder on the computer. Also keep copies of those software programs from your presentation computer in case a virus ruins them.

Make Sure That Your Data Is Safely Stored Elsewhere

This may sound redundant, but make a extra copy of important data from your presentation computer when making an important presentation. Also, store it in a USB disk and test the presentation on another computer. It would be wise to test every hyperlink you can. Its better to have a contingency plan than to have none.