Designing a great presentation can be a heck of an experience. You’re deciding how content is going to be put into words and visuals in a way that is entertaining yet informational. It just can’t be boring, will you live up to the expectations of your audience like a true Rock Star, or will they fall asleep in their chairs?

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Learn How to Use Presentation Software or Take Lessons

If you don’t already know how to use presentation software, then please learn. The most common presentation software is of course, PowerPoint. If you need to learn how to use it, then search online for a good video course on how to use PowerPoint. You can also read articles here on our site. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Write Your Presentation And Make It Something You Like

The only hint I can give you about writing is to write constantly and practice as much as you can. Write a presentation that you would want to watch. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Use props, dress for the occasion, make jokes, avoid awkward pauses. Anything to keep people engaged and interested, like a Rock Star.

Show Your Presentation To Your Colleagues and Friends

Practice your presentation and show it to your colleagues and friends. If you’re lucky, then you can find someone who is in a similar position as your audience. Ask them for feedback. Also, ask them about any questions they might be thinking of after watching your presentation. That question and its answer could make a good slide in your presentation.

Record Yourself Giving The Presentation 

This is a relatively simple thing that most people miss. The fact that modern smartphones have cameras in them means that anyone can take video. This enables you to record yourself giving the presentation and then play it back to see things from the crowd’s perspective. This can be a real game changer since it helps you see the way things really are.

Don’t Give Up!

If you’ve seen your own recorded video, and you’re not quite happy; Don’t Give Up! because Rock Stars aren’t quitters.

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Image: [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons