You’ll find a lot of presentation related articles on the internet. Articles containing advice for presenters and speakers. But, who are these articles asking you to imitate? Does their advice apply to you? Today, we’ll discuss just that.

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Why Most Presenters Can Safely Avoid Majority of These Articles 

Most speaker and presenter related articles don’t really apply to the majority of presenters. These articles are usually written for professionals. These presenters deliver keynote presentations for large audiences. The theme of these presentations is vastly different from regular presentations delivered by most presenters.

Indicators that the article is talking about large audiences include words like sponsors, AV, lighting, etc.

Most Regular Presentations Are Business Related

It is known in the presentation industry that almost all regular presentations are related to business. This includes presentation reports and presentations related to providing services to prospective clients. Here are some major difference between Keynote Presenters and Business Presenters.

Keynote Speakers Promote; Business Professionals Inform

Keynote speakers tailor their presentations to inspire the audience and to entertain them. Most of the audience does not have much incentive to take a specific action or even remember anything at all after the presentation is over.

On the other hand, business professionals deliver presentations which require people in the audience to pay attention to whats beings said and take some action according to the information they receive.

Performing on Stage vs. Presenting to Colleagues

Keynote speakers are essentially giving a performance on stage. They may be delivering the presentation from a large stage and with a spotlight aimed at them.

In contrast, a business presenter is usually standing in a meeting room and rarely speaks into a microphone. In fact, it is best for a business professional to keep things simple, since they will have to deal with any technical difficulties if they do occur.

Presenting to a Few vs. a Lot of People 

When presenting to a lot of people, you have to keep in mind that there are a lot of people in the room who may belong to different professions, cultures, ethnicity, political beliefs, etc. This means that you can only use general terms suitable for a more diverse audience.

On the other hand, business presentations are usually delivered to smaller and more targeted audiences. This changes the style of presentation quite a bit.

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