Speaking at a conference can be a great opportunity for networking, gaining publicity, and generating leads among other things. People who promote their presentations are more likely to get coverage from industry bloggers; are more likely to attract prospective clients, and attract new employees.

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Get The Audience Excited Before the Presentation Starts

You want your audience to have positive expectations before coming to the presentation. You can have this effect on them by writing a good invitation email. This invitation should include all the things that will be in your presentation.

Think of it From Their Perspective

What do they want out of the presentation? What kind of advice are they looking for? Don’t just think about what you want to tell them or sell to them. Start from their side not your own. Think from their perspective not yours.

Be More Specific In Your Promises

Be more realistic with your claims when telling them about what they can expect. Don’t just tell them that you’ll be giving them many useful tips. Instead, tell them that you’ll give (for example) 5 Great Tips on Generating New Sales. Giving a number or measure also helps makes the presenter look more reliable to the audience.

What Such an Invite Tells About You

Writing a great description shows you that your presentation is planned with the audience’s needs and desires in mind. This exercise also helps remind us why the audience would want to come to our presentation.

Now you’re ready to present with confidence knowing that the audience knows what they came for. As long as you focus on helping the people reach their goals, everything should work out great. Don’t forget to tell them about the next event at which you will be speaking when you reach the end of your presentation.