Giving a presentation is an important task. Your responsibility is to help your audience understand an important concept or situation. This requires clear communication and using visual aides helps make this learning process progress faster. But, simply reading off the screen isn’t enough to accomplish this goal. You can’t become a public speaker just by reading slides.

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I’ll Just Say My Lines

Even though many people realize that public speaking skills are important, they stop improving their ability and instead opt for reading slides to their audiences. Reading text directly off of a PowerPoint slide does not make you a good speaker. It actually prevents you from putting yourself out there and giving a message more power through your voice.

Owning A Treadmill Does Not Make You Leaner

People do this with exercise machines. They buy a shiny new piece of exercise equipment which ultimately goes unused for the most part. Simply owning a treadmill, an exercise bicycle, or a jump rope will not make you leaner and stronger. Stop going through the motions, and try to improve.

Practice Using PowerPoint and Improve Public Speaking

PowerPoint is a presentation tool for a Speaker; just like Word is a writing tool for an Author. Simply delivering a presentation in PowerPoint doesn’t make you a presenter anymore than writing a legible piece of work in Word would brand you an author.

Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking can be overcome you if you’re not comfortable with your material. Present it like a formal conversation. Visual aides are there to support your message, not become the message itself. Avoid using your presentation slides as a teleprompter by knowing and practicing your material.

The Cost of Not Preparing for a Presentation

Some people can simply read a presentation and get in front of an audience to present it. Thats fine. If you can do that then more power to you. However, there are certain tradeoffs of taking this approach.

Not preparing before presenting can make your message much less effective. This is not a good use of your or your audience’s time. The larger your business, the more loss it will incur.

In Conclusion

Presenting an idea is to be a spokesperson for it. Just going through the motions or simply using cool presentation software is not enough to get a persuasive message across. Not being able to do so may hurt your bottom line. So, think through each presentation and deliver it more like a conversation and less like a boring lecture. Become a better speaker. You can do it!

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