Many people who have been making presentations for a while are observing the growing trend towards shorter presentations. Instances of bosses asking for fewer slides are on the rise. But what exactly do they expect to see when they say they want fewer slides? Lets find out!

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Why Is My Boss Asking For Fewer Slides?

Decision makers usually need to go through a lot of data to make their choices. Making sense of all this data can be really difficult. Therefore, executives request shorter and more to-the-point presentations to make their job easier.

Can I Keep All My Data in Fewer Slides?

Your boss is not asking for the same amount of information cramped in a smaller space. The reason why they’re demanding less slides is because they want shorter meetings and simpler choices. In other words, they want you to get to the point faster and leave out the details.

Maybe I should Just Adapt My Old Presentations

Many people try copying too much into a few slides when trying to decrease the number of slides in their presentation. It only makes their presentations look more cramped. This is certainly not ideal.

Instead, try to simplify and water-down the information as much as you can. Do this by only keeping the minimum amount of data that your audience really needs to see.

Reduce The Presentation Down To 5 Slides

Try not to include everything you might have previously decided to put in your presentation. Make sure that there’s only one main point on each presentation slide. The whole presentation should only needs to include insights.

Try not to include how the data points were collected or how you came to those conclusions in detail. If you must include these details, then consider making hidden slides for them. You can show these hidden slides if a question is asked about them during or after the presentation.