Many organizations use a standard template for their presentations. This “Standard Template” is expected to help people who give presentations at the organization or for them. Making this template takes into account important details. But, many people change portions of the template and get less than desirable results.

Also, making these changes often leads to a general lack of consistency through presentations.

Modification of Templates is a Common Issue

Templates are almost never used as intended because the first person to use them usually changes the formatting. But why does this happen so often?

Many people make changes to fonts because they are not aware of why formatting has been set a certain way. Therefore, they don’t know the impact of using the wrong fonts and visuals.

Why Is This Font Color, Size, and Style The Best?

For example, according to research Calibri, Arial, and other sans-serif fonts are easier to read on a projector screen compared to serif fonts like Times New Roman, Courier, Palatino, etc. Using serif fonts makes things fancier on your computer screen, but thats not who they will look on the projector.

Using Custom Fonts and Changing Font Sizes

It is usually best to avoid using custom and third-party fonts even if they look really nice. This is because they will probably not appear as intended. Unless, the same computer is used to give the presentation.

Font sizes should also not be changed, because they are often set according to the distance of the audience to the screen. Correct sized fonts are easier to read on a projector screen.

Background Image and Text Color Matter

Some people change the background color in the template for something brighter. They should know that these colors were chosen for the template because they are calm on the eyes and at the same time provide good contrast.

Titles and Headings Are Important

Titles and Headings are often marked with graphics on the slide. This is to make sure that you use longer headings and summarize each slide instead of adding more small text in the slides.


Templates offered by organizations are an attempt to give its presenters a standard. These templates are designed to be easy to edit, and easy to read and understand. Not using them leads to difficulty in understanding and communicating the message.

And isn’t communication the reason why we make presentations in the first place?

Of course the answer is, Yes!

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