Personalize a presentation by adding audio comments or audio commentary through the microphone. There are other ways of inserting your audio, such as Importing from PC or adding an online audio sample from Microsoft’s library. Audio insertion is useful for distance learning and for those who cannot read or see the presentation slides. Learn the quick & easy way of inserting audio through the following way. The tutorial requires you to connect a microphone before following the steps.

Locate the Audio Button

Navigate to the required slide to which you want to inset commentary. Click on the Insert tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon, followed by the Audio button in the Media group. Click the Record Audio button.

How To Record Audio on a Slide in PowerPoint 2013 1

How To Record Audio

The Record Sound dialog box appears. When you are ready, click the Record button. After recording your commentary, click the Stop button highlighted in red, followed by OK.

Once recorded, the audio button appears. Drag the audio button to the required position. You may toggle between auto and manual playback of audio sample.

How To Record Audio on a Slide in PowerPoint 2013 2

Above explained how to Record audio on a Slide in PowerPoint 2013. While this was a basic tutorial, you may also find more advanced tutorials on Multimedia techniques in PowerPoint.

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