For most people a presentation is about giving information and showing something to the audience. The idea that a PowerPoint presentation can be interactive through Excel might see strange at first, but it is effective. Having some forms of interaction in a presentation can actually help with audience engagement. Sales presentations can be really boring if everything is the same as always. Some interaction and communication makes it a lot more interesting for prospective clients.

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How To Interact With The Audience Using Excel Spreadsheets?

When listening to a presentation on a certain problem, it is difficult for the prospect to understand how this solution will help them solve their problems or not. They can’t tell whether this solution will give them a return on investment. This means that they will sometimes make up their mind based on their mood and how they feel about the presentation. Of course this is not an optimal choice for them either.

We can help the client understand the advantages we’re providing by showing them the return on investment (ROI) right there and then. Link a spreadsheet to the presentation that contains a formula for the problem you’re solving. Allow them to input their values and vola. The return on investment for their business should appear. You can show it to them in a graph or a chart as well. Include the approximate values for cost and show them how they can benefit.

By doing this, you are giving them a chance to have some interaction. This not only makes the presentation a bit more fun for them, but also helps give a persuasive argument that the solution is worth investing in.

Click this link to learn how to link an Excel sheet in PowerpPoint. You can also edit it from PowerPoint.

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