There are different ways in which a person can learn something or get to know about something. Using different mediums of learning results in different amount of retention. As more research is done on how people learn, we’re seeing that the human brain retains more new information if that information comes through multiple senses. Here, we will quickly run through some standard ways that we typically learn, and how effective they are compared with the presentation style of learning.

The Standard Modes of Learning

These modes of learning are things like lectures, reading, audio books, and video/live demonstration.

Here is a diagram of the Learning Pyramid which ranks these mediums of learning based on research done by ThePeakPerformanceCenter.

Effective - Learning Pyramid - Featured - FreePowerPointTemplates

The Best Passive Teaching Method

As we can see in the learning pyramid, lectures that don’t use audio or visuals as learning aides are ranked as the least effective methods for learning. So, we can deduce that presentations which make use of audio, visuals, and contain demonstration are the best for teaching new things.

Question and Answer Sessions

Having Question and Answer sessions after presentations enhance their effectiveness even more. Interacting with the audience and involving them in the process should help them learn a lot faster and retain a lot more.

Encouraging Exposure To The Product

“Practice by doing” is ranked as the second most effective method for learning. Therefore, giving people a chance to use the product or service dramatically increases their retention of those products and services. If the audience feels more comfortable with your product then there’s a higher chance that they will want to use it or recommend it to others.


So, if you want to make your presentations more effective, then please try to encourage your audience to get involved. The best methods are all about doing things.