Most sales presentations focus too much on the same old formula. Telling people statistics and data is important, but in a presentation that tries to sell products, services, or ideas; you need proof of concept. This proof is a real and relevant example where your product was able to solve a problem. By telling a story, you let the audience know what its like to have actually put your product through a real life test. Here, we will be talking about how to sell solutions by telling powerful stories about your product.

The Purpose of This Approach

The purpose of this approach is to convince the client by showing them how the product performed in a similar situation in the past. We are not trying to sell solutions by impressing them with our past clients. The focus should be on the current customer(s) and their problem. So, select a relevant case when making this presentation. If you don’t, then the client will probably be put off by it instead of being impressed.

The Nature And Scope of The Problem

How important is it to solve the problem? Bigger problems are usually ones that people try to solve first. Show them how this problem has been costing them a lot of money. Show them how you have dealt with such problems in the past.

Explain Your Solution

This explanation should be a general one. Don’t throw details and buzzwords at them. The client only needs to know what is relevant to their specific situation. Although you can keep extra PowerPoint slides with you just in case. Place them after the end of the presentation or as hidden slides.

By following these simple rules, you should be able to tell your client a nice story about your product and sell solutions to them. Remember, stories can reach people better than tables and graphs.

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Smart Solutions by University of Exeter [CC BY 2.0] via flickr