Many people make presentations to promote their solutions for prospective clients. The clients want to know if you can really help them solve their problem. You have to prove that you are truly capable of coming up to their expectations. The best way to do this is by sharing success stories of past projects.

Presenting Success Stories As Case Studies

A case study is a study of a particular occasion or event. These case studies should be presented according to the client’s situation. When a client decides to listen to you, they want to know about similar work that you may have done in the past. Specifically, work that you may have done that is specific to their own problem. This means that anything that is not similar to the client’s situation should not be discussed at length or mentioned at all.

What to Include as a Case Study?

You need to look at the client’s problem carefully. How is it similar to the work you have done thus far? Choose the best success stories to share which are similar to the problem that your client is trying to solve.

How Much Will They Save?

After defining the type of problem, look at the size of the problem. How big is the problem and how much time and effort can your client save if they decide to choose your solution. Make sure to present the big picture. Try not to include details that sidetrack the client from the main solution.

In Conclusion

Show the client that you have done similar work in the past. Share the success that you have had fixing similar problems and how your clients benefited from it. Make a before and after comparison if possible. Prepare a few of the best success stories you can find. This will help you convince clients in future presentations.

Image: [CC BY 0] via Pixabay